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Bridging the Tech Gap for All

At, we stand tall in our community as an unwavering beacon of top-quality computer science education, committed career advancement, and bespoke software solutions. We have a singular vision: instead of aiming to become a global corporate entity, we strive to be a dependable, local ally for businesses and individuals alike. Our services are meticulously designed to construct and upgrade your technology foundation. We offer a broad range of services from personalized tutoring, job skill development to project-centric software creation, all fashioned with the intent of spurring your business's exponential growth. Our core mission is to equip our community with indispensable technological skills, all the while upholding our fundamental values.

Our Reach

  • The Greater Seattle Washington area

As a business owner seeking professional web development, an entrepreneur in need of technology solutions, or a hobbyist embarking on a software-related project, the assistance of a seasoned software engineer is indispensable. is uniquely positioned to address these needs by offering comprehensive software development and technology consulting services.

In our effort to make technology accessible, we also offer computer science tutoring for children and adults! We ensure learning programing is easy by providing individualized tutoring sessions and hands on projects for students to work on in class, and at home.